SU-carburetters are restored to a very high standard. A short description of a restoration follows:

1. The carburetters are inspected before cleaning on the outside and inspected for any external damage before a total dismantling.

2. All parts reusable parts are cleaned in an ultra-sonic bath, and levers, bolts and any other small parts that will be reused are sent away for plating.

3. The old spindle usually shows signs of wear.

4. A repair kit for the carburetter with new spindle, spindles bush, disc, jet and complete gasket pack is used. The spindle bushes are fitted with a special tool to ensure correct lining up in the carburetter body. Together with a new needle, the carburetters are assembled and initial adjustment is made to ensure that the car will easily start before the final tuning.

Gunnar Eriksson

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